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Location: Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast, Burgas wetlands

Population: 410,000

Area: 7,748 km2

Population density: 53 inhabitants per km2

Region-important activities: Chemical products, shipbuilding, fishing and tourism are the most important sources of revenue in the region.

Challenges and solutions

Flooding poses a serious threat, as a significant part of the region is endangered due to the type of relief and the presence of large wetlands. Floods have the potential to cause severe shocks and stresses to the ecosystem.

A widespread trend in the urbanised areas of Burgas is the high density of buildings with limited greenery, combined with a dense road network with the main arterial thoroughfares in close proximity.

Burgas is planning to incorporate innovative measures: integrated wetlands management, urban ecosystem and social resilience enhancement, and smarter city management.

Wetlands around Burgas.
Source: "Strategic Development" Directorate, Burgas Municipality

Burgas has committed to

Integrating wetland management strategies

Enhancing urban ecosystems and social resilience

Building a smart and climate-resilient city

Several innovative actions


Introducing a new approach that involves the community in planning and decision-making processes.

Using digital simulations to share knowledge and preserve public assets.

Citizens of Burgas cleaning up trash during World Environment Day.
Source: Kira Danabasheva


Implementing multi-functional nature-based solutions to enhance urban ecosystem resilience resilience to the impacts of climate change and to increase biodiversity.

Black Sea coast.
Source: Georgi Sakaliev


Enhancing flood risk knowledge and prediction to inform flood mitigation and protection measures and mitigate risks to people, infrastructure and the environment.

Promoting economic development in vulnerable areas through green business opportunities.

Port of Burgas.
Source: Georgi Sakaliev

Policy and governance

Defining a tailor-made climate resilience model and nature-based best practice framework to improve decision-making for climate change mitigation and adaptation planning.

City of Burgas.
Source: Georgi Sakaliev

Smarter Adaptation Challenge Suite

Burgas is part of the Smarter Adaptation Challenge Suite, whose frontrunner region is Køge Bay. The Challenge Suite recognises that innovative digital tools can help to illustrate the effects of climate change.

With a focus on gathering the latest data from diverse sources, the region can bridge the science-stakeholder-policy gap, raise citizen awareness and improve the use of existing data.

Regional contact points

Burgas Municipality
Mrs. Vesna Baltina

Burgas Municipality
Mr. Georgi Sakaliev


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