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Location: The Baltic Sea coast of Southern Finland, in the Laajasalo area

Population: 1.7

Area: 9,568 km2

Population density: 178 inhabitants per km2

Region-important activities: A driving region of Finland’s international competitiveness, research and development. One of the fastest-growing areas in Europe with around a third of Finland's total population.

Challenges and solutions

The Helsinki-Uusimaa region faces the challenge of finding a balance between construction and development needs, while also prioritising the protection and restoration of nature in human-influenced landscapes.

It is important to understand and manage the trade-offs involved in land use decisions while utilising the benefits that nature can provide in densely inhabited areas, such as reducing heat risks and managing surface water runoff.

Helsinki city from above.
Source: Helsinki region

Uusimaa has committed to

Improving investment planning and building support among the community

Using a digital model that focuses on people to help make better decisions and plans

Collaboratively developing nature restoration plans for landscapes strongly impacted by human activities

Several innovative actions


Engaging local communities and key regional stakeholders in modelling and predicting the potential future impacts of climate change, and in understanding the value of green and blue spaces.

Forest mushroom picking in Uusimaa.
Source: Jussi Hellsten


Planning land use and development with a focus on preserving and improving ecosystem services.

Seashore Uusimaa Helsinki Lauttasaari.
Source: Visit Finland


Improving investment planning and social acceptance of climate adaptation measures by using predictive data analytics and simulations.

Helsinki city.
Source: Jussi Hellsten

Policy and governance

Using digital twin models and AI-based analyses to create practical knowledge for land use, urban planning, and regional development in adaptation policy-making.

Smart City, Smart Region bike delivery.
Source: Forum Virium Helsinki

Smarter Adaptation Challenge Suite

Uusimaa is part of the Smarter Adaptation Challenge Suite, whose frontrunner region is Køge Bay. The Challenge Suite recognises that innovative digital tools can help to illustrate the effects of climate change.

With a focus on gathering the latest data from diverse sources, the region can bridge the science-stakeholder-policy gap, raise citizen awareness and improve the use of existing data.

Regional contact points

Forum Virium Helsinki
Heli Ponto


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