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Location: Centre of Cyprus

Population: 27,695

Area: 1476.8 km2

Population density: 18.8 inhabitants per km2

Region-important activities: Agriculture, including vineyards and other crops related to traditional products, and handicrafts are important in driving tourism.

Challenges and solutions

Cyprus aims to diversify its tourism activities by promoting the Troodos mountains and its communities as a key destination. Unfortunately, climate change projections indicating a decrease in rainfall and increase in temperatures will negatively impact the local forests, which are a fundamental attraction.

These conditions will also affect local agriculture such as vineyards, challenging livelihoods in the sector.

Troodos aims to develop a sustainable tourism model, ensuring the resilience of its communities while preserving its traditional products and ecosystems for future generations.

Troodos mountains.
Source: Troodos Tourism Board

Troodos has committed to

Creating an action plan for becoming a Climate Neutral Tourism Destination

Improving transportation options to connect different sub-regions in a sustainable way

Demonstrate energy upgrades and renovations in the accommodation sector

Assisting and training local businesses, SMEs, residents, and government

Several innovative actions


Training local businesses, SMEs, authorities, and citizens in climate-neutral and regenerative tourism.

Supporting SMEs, either in local goods/handicrafts, products, gastronomy, or accommodation and tours, specifically targeting young and female entrepreneurs.

Museum of traditional professions in Galata village.
Source: Moanos Botrini


Energy upgrades and integration of renewable energy sources within the accommodation sector, beginning with implementation in one hotel and one agro-tourism house.

Improving connectivity between the villages, including the establishment of bike paths, walkways, and other sustainable mobility options.

Reducing waste in restaurants and promoting local products.

Walking trail in Galata village, Solia Valley.
Source: Troodos Tourism Board


Creating a sustainable business model that combines tourism with ecosystem restoration and climate resilience.

Increasing the availability of local products in the market, such as wine.

Developing a tourism label for Troodos as a Climate Resilient, Inclusive, and Regenerative Tourist Destination.

Kakopetria Village.
Source: Troodos Tourism Board

Policy and governance

Establishing a Destination Management Board that includes local businesses, residents, government departments, NGOs, and other important stakeholders.

This board will focus on making the destination climate-friendly, inclusive, and regenerative.

Moufflon on Troodos.
Source: Troodos Tourism Board

More Systemic Adaptation Challenge Suite

Troodos is part of the More Systemic Adaptation Challenge suite, whose frontrunner region is Sitia. The Challenge Suite recognises that local citizens and SMEs are key actors in the society-wide transition towards climate resilience.

With a focus on close collaboration with local businesses and citizens, particularly in rural areas, the socio-cultural and economic impacts of climate change can be addressed at all levels of society.

Regional contact points

Cyprus Energy Agency
Louisa Marie Shakou


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