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Location: The easternmost region of Crete, Greece

Population: 76,000

Area: 1,800 km2

Population density: 42 inhabitants per km2

Region-important activities: The region is home to the Sitia UNESCO Global Geopark, which provides abundant recreational opportunities and attracts a large number of tourists each year. The area around Sitia is also well-known for its high-quality Protected Denomination of Origin extra-virgin olive oil.

Challenges and solutions

The region of Sitia is the most exposed European region to thermal drought, and a ‘climate hotspot’. It has a strong dependence on the climate-energy-water-food-society nexus.

The region aims to develop more products of local origin with zero carbon footprint and sustainable practices, led by women entrepreneurs and cooperatives. The innovation actions will engage with citizens to raise awareness about climate resilience.

City of Sitia.
Source: Yiota Dimitropoulou

Sitia has committed to

Engaging citizens in activities to prevent water shortages

Co-creating new ideas to encourage sustainable economic development in the face of a rapidly changing climate

Offering climate-related services

Maintaining the local traditions and lifestyle 

Several innovative actions


Empowering people by training them about how to make their communities more environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Using the Sitia UNESCO Geopark as an outdoor classroom and a place to promote sustainability.

Sitia Geopark


Making olive processing carbon neutral and zero-pollution.

Improving pest management for organic products and using technology to better manage and conserve water resources in the region.

Minoan site of Mochlos.
Source: Jeffrey S. Soles


Developing new ideas for businesses and funding options that will help small-scale producers.

Making the Geopark a hub for economic activities and promoting tourism that has no negative impact on the environment.

Latsida sikia Sitia.
Source: Ioannis Daskalakis

Policy and governance

Encouraging the development of sustainable local economies by supporting women’s cooperatives that produce and sell local products.

City of Sitia.
Source: Yiota Dimitropoulou

More Systemic Adaptation Challenge Suite

Sitia is the frontrunner region in the More Systemic Adaptation Challenge suite. The Challenge Suite recognises that local citizens and SMEs are key actors in the society-wide transition towards climate resilience.

With a focus on close collaboration with local businesses and citizens, particularly in rural areas, the socio-cultural and economic impacts of climate change can be addressed at all levels of society.

Regional contact points

National Centre For Scientific Research – Demokritos
Thanasis Sfetsos

Municipality of Sitia
Pavlos-Alexandros Kapetanakis


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