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Nordic Archipelago

Location: Archipelago regions include Stockholm, Uppsala, Sörmland and Östergötland, and the provinces of southwest Finland, Uusimaa and Kymenlaakso, and Åland

Population: 30,000

Area: 1,580 km2

Population density: 19 inhabitants per km2

Region-important activities: Shipping and ferry services, tourism, and the production and processing of agricultural and fishery products.

Challenges and solutions

The transport sector requires modernisation as it is currently challenged by old and outdated vessels, huge seasonal variations in transport volume, and administrative issues regarding transport schedules and routes.

The seasonal influx of tourists places a heavy burden on the region’s resources.

The region will develop sustainable local transport and interlinked energy systems to enhance inter-regional cooperation.

Source: Valokuvia

Nordic Archipelago has committed to

Creating sustainable transportation and renewable energy systems between regions

Using renewable energy sources to power electric ferries

Developing a model for efficient inter-regional transportation

Investigating different business models tackling transportation challenges

Several innovative actions


Making the region a better place to live by working together to improve the transportation and energy systems. This includes enhancing connections within the region and promoting sustainable energy sources.

Tourists using the ferry to move to a different island.
Source: Valokuvia


Reducing emissions from, and improving the resilience of, the transport and energy sectors through conceptual mapping using a circular approach.

Drone view of the Swedish archipelago landscape, yachts and islands, Stockholm, Sweden.
Source: Valkird


Exploring the establishment of a company that will operate across borders and support the region’s needs, and creating a sustainable business model for this European company.

A ferry transporting cargo.
Source: Henrik Sarlin

Policy and governance

Develop standardised processes and workflows that make it easier for different political jurisdictions in Sweden, Åland, and Finland to work together on regional issues. This will promote collaboration and enable coordinated actions.

Yxlan, Sweden.
Source: Tove Elingsen

More Systemic Adaptation Challenge Suite

The Nordic Archipelago is part of the More Systemic Adaptation Challenge suite, whose frontrunner region is Sitia. The Challenge Suite recognises that local citizens and SMEs are key actors in the society-wide transition towards climate resilience.

With a focus on close collaboration with local businesses and citizens, particularly in rural areas, the socio-cultural and economic impacts of climate change can be addressed at all levels of society.

Regional contact points

Nordiska Skärgårdssamarbetet
Annastina Sarlin


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