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Køge Bay

Location: The project area covers 11 municipalities that stretch from Greater Copenhagen in the north to the chalk cliffs at Stevns Klint in the south. Køge Bay is a shallow bay in the southern part of the Øresund maritime strait.

Population: 900,000

Area: 550 km2

Population density: 1,818 inhabitants per km2

Region-important activities: The shoreline along the bay is used for housing, commercial activities and light industry. The northern part of the bay consists of southern suburbs within Greater Copenhagen. Køge Bay Beach Park, an artificial offshore barrier island, is popular for recreational activities and doubles as storm flood protection infrastructure. There are two important transport corridors running along the coast: a high-speed railway line and Denmark's largest highway.

Challenges and solutions

Precipitation is threatening the area from above, while storm surges and coastal erosion create problems along the sides. The rising groundwater levels create problems from below the surface.

In Køge Bay, Regions4Climate will communicate about the impacts of climate change through immersive virtual and augmented reality visualisation tools, build social and health resilience plans adapted to dynamic coastal changes, and provide business models for multifunctional coastal landscapes.

Flooding in the Beach Park at Køge Bay.
Source: The Capital Region of Denmark

Køge Bay has committed to

Using augmented and virtual reality applications to improve the general understanding of climate risks and solutions

Focusing on building social wellbeing and resilience of communities when dealing with changes along the coasts

Enhancing societal resilience towards flooding, especially in socially vulnerable neighborhoods

Stimulating biodiversity through nature-based solutions

Several innovative actions


Improving citizen-stakeholder engagement processes through the use of virtual reality to illustrate complex climate impacts and psycho-social educational group activities.

Beach close to Køge.
Source: Claus Sall, Region Zealand


Illustrating future climate vulnerabilities and risks using virtual reality.

Highlighting the large health benefits (nature, recreation, sports, accessibility, etc.) of the coastal protection infrastructure of the Beach Park.

Stevns Klint.
Source: Claus Sall, Region Zealand


Developing scaling plans based on the Beach Park’s nature-based coastal protection model as a structural and non-structural innovation for coastal regions in Europe.

Køge Bay Beach Park.
Source: The Danish Coastal Authority

Policy and governance

Promoting virtual reality as a decision-making tool to improve horizontal and vertical policy integration, as well as enhancing collaboration across administrative boundaries.

Køge Harbour.
Source: Claus Sall, Region Zealand

Smarter Adaptation Challenge Suite

Køge Bay is the frontrunner region in the Smarter Adaptation Challenge Suite. The Challenge Suite recognises that innovative digital tools can help to illustrate the effects of climate change.

With a focus on gathering the latest data from diverse sources, the region can bridge the science-stakeholder-policy gap, raise citizen awareness and improve the use of existing data.

Regional contact points

Amalie Laursen
The Capital Region of Denmark


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